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Revolutionary technologies such as cryptocurrencies and blockchains are radically changing the global banking industry. No bank, no regulator, no hacker can stop this paradigm shift of our time. The economic, sociological, and cultural implications of these innovative concepts are disruptive and far reaching. We believe in a future that offers better forms of money, leading to true financial inclusion and manifold opportunities for everyone.

The meaning of "Benscha" is easily explained. In medieval times the counters of grain merchants were in fact the original “banks”. “Banca” is the Italian word for “bench”. Consequently, "Benscha" is a modified word derived from it. As the story goes, the merchant’s benches were places for holding money against a bill of exchange, which later became known as a check. Originally developed to finance long trading journeys, the payment methods of the merchants were later utilized to fund the production of commodities. In today`s world of cryptocurrencies, the mission of Benscha™ is all about facilitating lightning-fast digital cash transactions over decentralized blockchain applications that add value to the real economy.